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Welcome to the Health and Human Services - Online FOIA Public Access Link

Submit or check the Status of a FOIA Request or Appeal Online

Click Register above to register to submit a FOIA request or appeal.  Once signed in, the ability to submit a request, appeal and check the status of a request is available. 

As you navigate the log in procedures, please follow all prompts, look for red system warnings, and make sure that all required fields are completed.

If you have requested Download via PAL Account as your method of delivery, you will receive an email telling you when those documents are available.  In order to retrieve those documents, you will need to log in to the system and check the status of your request.  Upon reaching that screen, you will see a small download icon next to your request status.  Click there in order to download the documents relating to your case onto your computer. 

Search the FOIA Electronic Reading Room


Search or browse the electronic reading room by clicking the FOIA Reading Room on the main navigation bar above.

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